Desert Explorer

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Amy is a big adventurer. She is always open for a new adventure, but what she enjoya most, is discovering new places. She has been to many places and seen many things ans she is always open for something new and exciting. Today, Amy is visiting the great desert Sahara. There are many interesting stories and legends related to this place, and Amy has decided to explore one of these local legends. This sounds so exciting, but we have to be aware that this time the adventure will happen in some extraordinary conditions. Just consider the weather, the eternal surface full of sand, the animals who live there. Them the locals who are there and who may feel threatened by someone who is interested in their local history. But Amy knows that in front of her there is a big and serious challenge, so she has to be careful about every possible detail. Let\'s see how will our explorer Amy deal with her following adventure. And having in mind all the circumstances, she may need some help when she will explore the desert. Let\'s see what will happen in Amy\'s latest adventure.

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