Frost Village

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Kayla lives in a very distant village that happens to be covered with tick cover of snow very often. For some people living there seems rather difficult but people who live there know how to find beauty in everything, despite the extremely cold weather. The life in this village looks like living in a beautiful fairy tale because those wonderful sights described in the most beautiful stories are everyday sight here.When it comes to the fairy tales, when Kayla was very young, she has heard many stories from her grandfather. As said by one of those stories, there were some blue diamonds that look like icicles. Those diamonds could be found near their village but they were not that obvious every day. They could be seen only on a full moon, when the village is all covered in ice. Kayla has waited for a night like this for a long time, and this night is exactly as the one described in the stories. Kayla starts searching for the blue diamonds, hoping that she will finally find out if the stories are true or not.

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