Fairyland Mysteries

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Maybe the police and detectives go on secret missions, and that\'s typical for them, but believe it or not, fairies and wizards can also participate in such missions. This time, the fairy Heather and the wizard Samuel are on a mysterious mission. They arrive at the main palace of the fairy kingdom with a single goal - to find the magical objects belonging to the fairy princess Diane. It will be a really interesting trip for us, in an unusual country that we have never been to before. We will see fairies and wizards look for magical objects, and our visit to the fairy kingdom will certainly be interesting. Let\'s join the quest of the fairy Heather and the wizard Samuel and help them find the necessary items. In doing so, we will be aware that we have been part of something truly unusual, and we will enjoy this wonderful adventure. Let\'s see how things are going in this fabulous kingdom of fairies.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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