Secret location

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The murder of the ex-director of the Central Bank, miss Helen, has shaken the public. So many assumptions spread around this news. People had a different explanation about it, relating it to numerous different causes. But even though people talk about everything, still there is no explanation by the police. They still can\'t find the murder of miss Helen and can\'t put him behind the bars. Detectives Amanda and Eric work on this very dangerous case. They look for the murderer for a few months already, but they are still far from discovering his identity. Today, the two detectives arrive at one specific secret location. They suspect that the murderer could be hidden there. Are they on the right track or this will be another miss in the search for the murderer of miss Hellen? To improve the course of the investigation, let\'s help the two detectives in their job. Follow them in everything they do and we are sure that the case will come to its end, by finding the person responsible for the murder.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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