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Lisa, together with her friends, arrive at the darkest and the most abandoned part of the world, the place known as the Darktown. It is about a group of journalists that have a really interesting profession, to explore the abandoned cities through America, the places that are well hidden and are not seen or explored before.After that, they write articles about those places and those texts are very attractive, so many people like to read them because nearly all of them won\'t have a chance to visit those places ever. The Darktown is a very interesting city but no one has been there for so many years.It seems that this place hides a lot of mysteries because there is no such a place in the world. That means that it is a very big challenge for us, to visit it and see what can we find there. It is for sure that you haven\'t visited this place before, so you will enjoy your stay there and learn something more about this unique place. And finally, this might be a dark place but it definitely hides so many things that wait to be seen and discovered.

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