Lord of the Darkness

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For a longer period of time, the wizard Nathan, is in a fight with the famous lord of the darkness, the werewolf Jerry. And when it comes to wizards and werewolves, things can be rather complicated and unpredictable, but also rather strange for ordinary people like us. The werewolf Jerry has darkened the land by collecting all the crystal pyramids.Those pyramids are actually spring of the light in Nathan\'s kingdom which means that the whole kingdom is in a big trouble. The life will be very difficult without light, so Nathan has a task to find all the crystal pyramids and place them on their right positions.This search will be very hard because the werewolf Jerry is very powerful and he has hidden those pyramids really well. However, the wizard Nathan is prepared to complete his task because the whole kingdom relies on him. Still, he can\'t waste any minute. He has to start the search right away so the light could lighten this kingdom once again. Let\'s see this interesting place and help the wizard Nathan finish his task successfully.

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