Haunting of Hotel Victoria

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When running a certain brand, there is always a chance that something could destroy its reputation. Sometimes it is about something that came by accident, while sometimes someone works against that brand…But the thing that made hotel Victoria infamous was very serious. Namely, it is rather sure that everyone knows about the murders that occurred there, over 30 years ago. After that, nothing could save the status of this place and bring the clients back. The place has been abandoned ever since. However, even though hotel Victoria is abandoned for a long time, it seems as though everyone that passes here reports seeing lights coming from some of the rooms of the hotel.Those lights cause fear in those who see them, so people walk away from there very fast.Clarke also saw lights coming from the rooms, but she didn\'t continue walking. Instead, she went inside the abandoned hotel to investigate. She is curious to find out if anyone is hiding there all those years. We are curious too, right? Let’s investigate the place together.

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