Scary Voices

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Dorothy and her uncle George are lost in the mountain, located in the south part of the country. They don\'t know anything about this mountain so for few hours they try to find the way out. While wondering around the place, Dorothy and uncle George find one abandoned mountain cottage. Since they can\'t see any other solution at the moment, they decide to enter the house take a rest there. only that way they could gather some energy for tomorrow, so they could continue their trip home.But even though Dorothy and her uncle George are hoping for the best, it seems that it is not that great in this house. Actually, everything here is rather suspicious but it becomes quite clear when they realize that all those scary voices that could be heard all around the house, belong to ghosts!Very soon they realize that they are surrounded by ghosts which is their next challenge that has to be faced right away. Let\'s help Dorothy and her uncle George deal with the situation and escape from there as fast as they can.

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