Bar Makeover

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Ralph has an idea that has been in his head almost a whole year. Namely, he had a bar but he had to close it. Now he is thinking about reopening the place because he realized that this place was really important for him. He used to meet all of his friends there but also he regularly gathered his relatives, preparing the family ceremonies as well, which means that he has spent unforgettable moments in this local.Ralph surely misses this place since he is related to it very sentimentally. However, after a lot of thinking Ralph has decided to renovate the bar and open it once again. This will be a big step for him but the challenge is here including the excitement about reviving all those memories and making them reality, after many years.Ralph is a person that knew his job rather good but since it is about a huge step that needs to be taken, he will surely need some help. Many years have passed, things have changed, which means that the whole place needs to be renovated, to answer the current trends. Also some objects have surrender to the power of the time that has passed, so they have to be replaced with new ones. That means that he will need some help so he could complete everything. Ralph doesn\'t rush but his excitement is making him to want to complete all as soon as possible.

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