Witness Protection

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Sometimes it is hard, even for the ones that want to help justice, unfortunately. Namely, when a person is a witness of a crime, and, he or she, wants to tell the truth about what happened, there can be a lot of threats from the ones that are responsible for the crimes. In that case, the police have a responsibility to protect that witness and make sure he stays safe. The police officer Sarah, and the detectives, Steven and Donna, are on a mission to protect the witness that testified against the mafia. The members of the mafia call the witness every day, sending him death threats. The man\'s life is in danger, and the detectives need to find some pieces of evidence that will discover who is sending those threats. After that, they will be able to find that person and arrest him. Let\'s see together what is going on there and try to help the team of detectives finishes the job. They learned about the crime from this witness, now it is time to protect him in return for helping the police in their work.

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