Snowflakes of Love

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Yes, we have to admit that certain smells, tastes bring us back the memories of a certain past time. Just like Marcel Proust gave the comparison of the taste and the smell of Madeleine cake melted in a cut of tea with involuntary memory that comes to us unconsciously and reminds us to certain people, places or events. Sometimes we want to retrieve memories by \"intelligence,\" those, memories produced by putting conscious effort into remembering events, people, and so, but sometimes in just comes from some somewhere deep in our soul...Kayla is currently separated from her love, her husband who is on a business trip right now. Those two had the luck to marry each other, to marry the soul mate and live together ever after. That\'s why they always miss each other when they are not together, but this situation is special for Kayla.Namely, it was snowing when Kayla met her husband. That wonderful winter idyll is something that remembers her on the day they first met and that\'s why she loves the snow very much. At the moment they are not together but here is the first snow. Everything becomes white, just like the day they met, so Kayla feels really romantic. Since her husband won\'t come very quickly, Kayla decides to enjoy that romantic mood and walk on the snow, enjoying the snowfall and those tiny snowflakes that fall on her face, waking up numerous wonderful memories.

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