Trip to Colorado

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Crystal is a girl with a very adventurous spirit. She has always everything but an ordinary girl so she has made many brave steps in her life. That means making a lot of brave decisions and visiting numerous unusual places, always choosing a creative and unconventional way to get there. This time she has decided to start a trip, something like a road trip, and her final destination for this trip is Colorado. She took a van and she plans to travel with it, stopping freely on every place that seems interesting for her. That way she will take a closer look of the beauties of Colorado and feel its spirit as much as she can.She has taken her camera because besides traveling, photographing is her second biggest passion. While traveling with her van, Crystal likes to make good photos on every place where she will stop. She already has an album named \'Trip to Colorado\' and she is very impatient to fill it up with a lot of interesting pictures from the most interesting places and things she will see on her trip.This is a very nice opportunity for us as well, to get to know a lot of new places and enjoy together with Crystal in the beauties of Colorado. Let\'s take the challenge and travel together with this adventurous girl and her van.

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