Dark Island

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Being evicted from your place of residence is a horrible thing. People are fleeing their homes for various reasons - economic, existential, personal reasons, or state of war in the country. We are surrounded by refugees from many different parts of the world, and unfortunately, the reasons for their persecution are usually something that we don\'t like to happen to anyone.Sharon is very sad because the island where she was born and spent her childhood is now abandoned. No one lives in that place anymore, and the reasons for that are a little bit unusual. Namely, the paranormal happenings that take place on the island are the reason why people started leaving the island in panic. They are simply terrified by those paranormal sights, and they don\'t know what to do about it. The easiest solution for their problems seems to be leaving the island and looking for a new place to live, a new home where they will feel safer and happier.Let\'s see what is happening on this island and try to help Sharon deal with this strange situation.

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