Conspiracy Story

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Unidentified flying objects are something that a lot of people believe in. Maybe it is just a matter of a fantasy, maybe it is a real thing. Very often it is occurred that that actually is some real flying object but it is kept to be unidentified until it is proven the opposite.Diane is a passionate explorer of UFO. She doubts that in the house where sometimes lived the dead NASA scientist Douglas there are hidden evidences about the existence of aliens. Diane arrives secretly in the house and starts looking for evidences. And now the question is what did this scientist hide at all? Did he know something that was supposed to be kept secret? Did he know more about these creatures and who actually killed this man?Scientists know a lot of secrets about things and they have to safe them from evil people. They usually say, kill the messenger, but save the message. Maybe such a situation is happening in today’s game, what do you think? Now, put your adventurous shoes on and act as an investigator.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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