Magic Quest

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There is one thing that is for sure, no one gives us recognition without merit. No matter what we do in life, are we scientists or doctors, musicians or farmers, even wizards, the affirmation comes later, after we show that we are able to do our job successfully.Kimberly, Michelle and Joshua are three wizards that come to a place known as the forest of the Great wizard. The three of them are here to test their own powers but at the same time, they hope that they will get even bigger powers as well, thanks to their abilities. Namely, Kimberly, Michelle and Joshua are in the forest with intention to pass all the quests given by the great wizard. If they manage to do that, they will have the honor to get the special magical potion which is a potion made by the great wizard personally.And yes, you may guess that by drinking this potion, they will get even bigger powers and become even superior wizards. Let\'s sneak a bit into the world of the wizards and see what is it required to become a wizard as good as Kimberly, Michelle and Joshua.

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