The Dawn of Evil

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This is something that really happens to Karen at the moment, not something she has dreamed about, not a part of a movie or fiction, even though it seems like something like that... Karen is lost! How did she lose herself?!That is so hard to say. She was supposed to go to a party, organized by her college colleagues, but she has somehow misplaced the location... Now she is in a completely abandoned place. There is no one at this place and it seems very scary! Karen is trying to find a way how to escape from this place, but it seems that something really scary happens there. Karen is stopped from leaving the place by the ghosts that actually live here. Her everyday meeting with her friends turned into a paranormal meeting and now she is prepared to do whatever it takes to escape from there.Let\'s help this poor girl find a solution to this unusual situation and bring her back on the right way, as soon as possible. But first, we need to face the ghosts and try to help Karen escape this strange situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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