Island Survivors

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Nancy and Betta are two girls who simply love traveling. They always choose different places for their holiday and they insist on visiting locations that are not that commercial, looking for the hidden beauties of a certain place.
This morning Nancy and Betta, together with the captain Jeremy, went on a small cruise. They have a place to stay and they have already research it, but they are very happy by the opportunity to see all the beauties that are hidden and little bit far from the exact place of stay.
But, something unexpected happen. Namely, an unpredicted storm appeared just like that and the boat of captain Jeremy was thrown on a desert island. Nancy, Betta and captain Jeremy, have to find a way how to escape from that island. They have to escape from there and come back to their hotel safe.Seems that this would be the greatest adventure for the two tourists, so let\'s help them find the way out of this island. It will go faster and easier if we join our strength, right?! It\'s time to explore the place and find something that will be useful for the island survivors.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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