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Let\'s rest a bit from mysteries and adventures. Cooking theme is always a safe place to go, especially for those of us who are gourmands. Maybe we are mistaking, actually going through different tastes and food cultures is something that is actually completely adventurous. People who love cooking usually invite friends and families over, prepare different recipes and their mission is to impress the guests. Each \'chef\' follows people\'s gestures and expects for a reaction.We all want to hear compliments when doing something nice for people. We are introducing you with this lady called Gloria. She is one of those impassioned people with food, kitchen, tastes.Gloria loves cooking. For this evening she has invited her friends over and is willing to surprise them with new recipes. Our player has the role of a Gloria\'s assistant. He wants to learn something more about cooking. That\'s why Gloria has prepared five questions connected to the cooking. If he or she wants to be a good chef, one must answer them. So, imagine you are the helper of the greatest chef ever and enjoy!

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