The Sisters Prophecy

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Carol, Amanda and Melissa are three sisters – prophets. And when it comes to prophecy and similar things, people usually act very reserved. Seems like no one likes to believe that someone is capable of predicting the future so we usually ignore those words told by the prophets. However, during the history, there were also people who missed the truth or simply lied about something, and those fortune telling were not always true...When it comes to those three girls, few years ago, they had a vision about the eternal darkness that will cover the whole earth. They started talking about this prophecy right away, but no one wanted to believe them. No one took seriously the warning about the terrible catastrophe and now it is too late because it appeared that the prophecy was true – the eternal darkness started ruling over the earth. Since the three sisters are alone in this, they decide that it is time to start fighting the evil on their own. Let\'s help them before it is too late and help the sisters save the planet from this terrible darkness.

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