After robbery

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The two spouses Brian and Laura were out this night, willing to escape their everyday routine for a while. They could not even imagine what was happening in their house while they were spending some time in their favorite restaurant. When Brian and Laura came back hope to their home, they realized that their house was visited by some robbers. The whole house was in a huge mess. Their personal belongings were all around the house. It seems like the robbers were looking for something bigger and more valuable, so they left everything in the house in huge disorder. Well, we are not supposed to expect that the robbers will clean the house after they leave, but Brian and Laura will have a lot of work to do. Brian and Laura called the police to investigate the robbery, and while they are waiting for the officers, they would like to find some of their valuable personal belongings, to see what is missing. Let\'s help them handle the whole situation and find what they are looking for. We hope that they will find most of their belongings.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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