Forget but not Forgive

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Everyone loves a good mystery, but what happens when a mystery never has a satisfying ending? Brace yourselves today, because this case is as twisted as a TV crime show. This is not a famous case, but a local one from years ago, occurring in a neighboring town. Exactly 10 years ago, the community experienced something unnerving.A woman\'s body was found by the police in one of the summer villas close to their town. It was the wife of one of the villa owners. Everybody seemed to think that she was murdered, but the medical examiner closed the case as a suicide and the police confirmed it was self-poisoning. The case was closed for years, though the thought that it could be a possible murder case existed and still is present among the detectives from the local police. Recently detectives Janet and Tyler reopened the forgotten case and opt for new evidence as they suspect there was more to the case than poisoning. They gathered a dedicated team to try to solve this mysterious case. And with advances in forensic science, they are hoping prove that the woman was murdered and bring her killer to justice.

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