Shamans Village

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When it comes to illness or the general wellbeing of the people we love, most of us are prepared to do whatever it takes just to make them feel better. And while other people are more into the traditional medicine or they’ve tried everything that the traditional medicine offers, others are more into alternative medicine or into spiritual explanations as a way to heal someone.
Shamans for example are people who supposedly have access and influence in the world of good and evil spirits. Most of the times they enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing. When there is no way out, shamans are also an option, especially among some people of northern Asia and North America.Tala is a young Indian girl that is really worried about the health of her father. She likes to do her best to make him feel better.
This night, Tala, together with her cousin, arrive in the village of the great Shaman. Since nothing helped him heal Tala believes that here she will find all the needed ingredients and objects that will help her father be healthy again.

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