The Darkest Night

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The three cowboys Nancy, Kenneth, and Carol have been traveling with their horses for more than 10 hours. That means that they are very tired and they desperately need some rest. But there isn\'t anything around them except this abandoned property. It seems that no one has visited this place for a long time but that is their only solution, so they decide to make a stop there. The cowboys are really tired and they want to go to bed immediately, but what will happen next, wasn\'t expected by anyone... It appeared that this abandoned property is possessed by ghosts. They are the ones who live there and they won\'t let the night passengers have a good night. After a short time, the cowboys realize what is going on. They realize that they\'ve been caught in a trap and this property is full of ghosts! No matter how tired they are, the cowboys have to find a way how to leave without being noticed by the ghosts. We can also take a part in this cowboy adventure and help Nancy, Kenneth, and Carol escape from the haunted property in the darkest night.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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