The Lost Recipe

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Preparing food for someone you love is actually magical thing. All that game of different tastes combined with a glass or two of a beautiful wine or other drink, make people actually fall in love once again. Is there a better way to show someone you care by trying to make his/her favorite food and try to inspire the person to be simply happy. And everyone should know how to prepare the partner\'s favorite food, it is a kind of thing that will make the person happier.Amber wants to cook delicious dish, because her love Ethan is about to come at a dinner. She wants to surprise him with some unusual meal. But, because very often there should be one but, you can guess that there is a problem. Actually, the recipe she wants to prepare is lost.Amber starts to remember about some of the ingredients and the way of preparation, but she can\'t think of some of the key ingredients that she must have, so the meal will be simply perfect. With the riddle game Amber will discover what are the ingredients that she is missing so she can prepare the best dish for the love of her life Ethan.

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