Old Family Recipes

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Cooking is a piece of art. It takes a lot of imagination, a lot of courage and devotion to prepare a delicious meal, every bite means special moment and memory. OK, there are people who think of food as something that we all must eat to survive. But, for others eating means more than putting food in our body, and exploring the calories that she gives us. Gourmands are special kind of people. They place food on the throne and enjoy every second of it, every moment of enjoying every bite with friends and families.Food is something that very often gathers us around the table and in the home. And for those who love this rituals, they love to explore new recipes. And sometimes it is even more interesting when we return to some old tastes.Victoria, Adam and their father Harold who is famous cooker decide that it is time that they prepare the less forgiven old familiar recipes. For this mission they need certain products that they should find in their home. Let\'s go for it together. You might learn some new recipe and try it at home yourself.

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