The Woods of Lost Things

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Have you read the story The Goblins Who Stole A Sexton by Charles Dickens where goblins torment a gravedigger for being cruel on Christmas? Or have you watched J. K. Rowling\'s Harry Potter series where goblins guard the wizard bank Gringotts and are portrayed as clever, arrogant, greedy, and churlish? These creatures are almost always small and grotesque, mischievous or outright malicious, and greedy, especially for gold and jewelry.The little Goblins live in the Woods of lost things. They are individually weak, so they gather in large numbers to torment other creatures. To satisfy their greed for gold and jewelry they are tormenting one wealthy family from the village below the woods and are stealing their personal belongings at night. This is the family of Evelyn. Some of their items have great value and have been in the family for centuries.Today Evelyn arrives in Woods of lost things. She was sent by her father in order to find all the lost things from their property. The woods are huge and Evelyn has a little time before dark to find all the hidden objects. We have to help her restore the family fortune.

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