Ethereal Nightfall

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Meet the sorceress Charlotte and her friend Abigail, the two heroines who will be joining us today. The two of them, arrive at the estate of one of the greatest wizards, Andrew. They are not there as guests but are part of a very important mission on which the safety and survival of the royal palace depends, but let\'s start from the beginning. Recently, an unprecedented evil has taken over the royal palace, and there is a threat that this evil will destroy the palace. Wizard Andrew is now on a big and difficult mission in which he has to deal with the evil that has overtaken the royal palace but he still needs help on this mission. Andrew needs extra power, but to get that power, he needs to bring back the items he accidentally left behind on his property. That\'s why he called the sorceress Charlotte and her friend Abigail to go to his estate, find the necessary items, and bring them to him so that he can continue to save the royal palace from the siege of evil.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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