Distant People

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So, while some people feel more secure when they are surrounded by other people and like being in civilization, others prefer being isolated from the city noise and like to live in rural surroundings. It\'s about a personal choice but usually it depends of the life dedication, chosen to be someone\'s profession. Also there could be other reasons why someone chooses to be isolated; maybe he is hiding from something...Nicole and Jeffrey are on a mission to solve the mystery about a group of people who 20 ago lived in a house located very deep in the woods, a place that is now abandoned. Those people, or more precisely, this family, were known as distant people.All the time they were rejecting to make a contact with anyone and lived completely isolated. People were wondering why are those people hiding and Nicole and Jeffrey are here to find the answers. They suspect that the distant people were surely hiding something and that was the reason why they avoided meeting other people. Are you curious to find out the truth about the distant people?

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