Wizards Gathering

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We have heard stories about witches that gather and do things at full moon, but it seems that the wizards have a similar habit. Oxar, Ernas, and Grovior are known as the greatest wizards in the world. Once every ten years, exactly at the full moon, these wizards gather together in the place known as the end of the world. They can see the moon best from this spot, and it is the place where the moon can be seen in its best light. The three wizards choose this spot as a place where they can perform their rituals, intending to get power from the moon and increase their own power. For us, this may sound strange, but it\'s because we are not wizards, and we have to admit that there are some different rules and customs for them. However, that doesn\'t mean we can\'t help them, right? Let\'s see exactly what the wizards are doing at a full moon and help them in their unusual mission. Maybe we will learn something from the wizards too and find a way how to increase our powers as well.

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