Dreamy Wonderland

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We can never know what the day will bring us, right? Some days bring us not such nice things, but some days bring us wonderful and magical things. The thing that happened to little Anna is a magical thing and something that doesn\'t happen to most of us. But let\'s start from the beginning. Our little Anna was walking through the forest when suddenly she discovered something unusual. It is about a land that doesn\'t look like anything she has seen before, a wonderland. Everything here looks magical and amazing, and Anna wanted to share this with her friend, the fairy named Angela. Angela was equally excited, hardly waiting to find out what is hiding in this unusual place. Little Anna and her fairy friend Angela arrive in the wonderland. Both of them are impatient and can hardly wait to start exploring this wonderful and magical land. We believe that you are excited too, so let\'s enjoy our visit to this dreamy wonderland and find out what this land hides.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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