Unknown footsteps

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Amy comes to the house of her parents, Helen and Brandon. They live in a nice and quiet place, in a neighborhood that is generally safe for living but this night, something strange happens there... When she entered into the house, Amy noticed something unusual. Namely, she noticed unknown steps in the upper floor of the house and around the house. Helen and Brandon are terrified by the idea that someone was in the house while they were in the other floor. Obviously it is about a thief that was looking for something. Is he still here or maybe he has already left the house? Those questions are in Amy’s head and in the head of her parents. This is a rather complicated situation so they have to find a solution, to deside what to do. Let’s help them check out what actually happened and see if their valuable objects are still in the house. That will give them answers about their future steps. Maybe they will have to call the police as well. Let’s help them handle the situation better.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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