Concealed in the Darkness

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Childhood is a very delicate period of every person\'s life. Some people may say that we forget everything that happens when we are just small kids but it is not exactly like that. Maybe we don\'t remember the events completely, but the emotions stay always in us, making us feel scared or happy about certain things that will happen later in life.It is logic that kids who suffered something during their childhood will be more introvert, more suspicious about their surroundings, more insecure about themselves, but also they might become stronger because life has given them tumbles on such a young age.Lisa and Sharon are two sisters who suffered a strange situation when they were very young. Namely, they have been expelled from home by a scary demon. This demon hid in the darkness of their house and scared them all the time so they decided to leave that place. And when people become older, they usually like to face their fears so this night the two sisters came into the house where they were born, with intention to finally face the demon from their house.

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