Secret Rules

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When we talk about the construction mafia, maybe it doesn\'t sound as seriously threatening as when we talk about a real criminal mafia, but that doesn\'t mean that this mafia makes fewer criminal acts. Actually, a lot of money is spinning around construction - money in investments, realization, purchase and sale, building permits...And always there is someone that likes to work dirty, likes to take and give bribes, likes to take advantage at some point by working illegally. All of that, to get a lot of easy money in a short time.Sharon and Jason are detectives who found out that in one Building company a person could get a building permit against the law. And this is something that could be followed and caught by the authorities, of course, if there isn\'t someone closely related with those who can be easily bribed.Sharon and Jason are suspecting that the owners of this Building company are connected with senior officials and there is a lot of corruption in all of that. Let\'s see how will our detectives deal with this situation.

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