Million lies

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The lives of millionaires can be rather exciting, right? They have so much money that they can afford themselves everything they wish for. They travel all around the world, some even decide to travel the universe, have huge houses, many cars... And that is somehow good, but having so much money sometimes can lead people to some vicious lifestyle full of drugs and alcohol, including women with low moral values... The millionaire Roger is famous exactly for that kind of life. He is a real bohemian that enjoys life in his own way, often moving on unsafe ground, if we may say like that. Very often Roger has been seen with different female companions and other suspicious people. And that won\'t be something to care for unless his house hasn\'t been a target of a robbery last night. Many valuable objects are missing so the authorities are in the house now, trying to find out what actually happened.The two detectives Sharon and Eric arrive at Roger\'s house, intending to discover the identity of the thief.

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