Mysterious Magician

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When we say magic, many of us relate it with illusion. And yes, the truth is that most of the actions related to magic, which is one of the oldest performing arts in the world, is related to entertaining the audience using tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible feats, using natural means.For example, the magician performs an action that you don\'t notice because you are distracted by the presence of the incredibly attractive blond girl that walks on the stage all the time. And soon you realize that something has changed and you didn\'t notice it at all, magic!Brenda, Scott and Helen are in company of magicians. That is not something new for them because they actually organize a festival of magicians every year, and they know many people in this field. However, there was a mysterious magician this year, taking part in the festival. This magician was wearing a mask and he performed few tricks that were accepted by the audience with huge interest. The audience was amazed by the tricks but the magician mysteriously disappeared from the festival and now Brenda, Scott and Helen like to find out something more about him.

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