Betrayal of Trust

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Having trust in someone is really delicate thing but earning that trust is also a big thing. You have to believe in that person, that much that you could share your problems with him or her. Once you lose trust in someone, it is very hard to believe that person once again...Lisa is very disappointed because her best friend Emily has betrayed her in the moment when she needed her most. Namely, Lisa is in a big financial crisis so she has decided to sell the family treasure, the old golden coins that were in her family for many years. She sold the coins to a certain collector and her friend Emily was the person that should make the deal about the selling.However, soon Emily told Lisa that the golden coins were stollen. Lisa could not believe in that, so she likes to check out the things by her own. She has called her best friend Timothy, so they together break down into Emily\'s apartment to make sure that the precious golden coins are not there. Let\'s see together what will happen afterwards and offer some help if Lisa and Timothy need it.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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