Mystery Unfolds

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Abandoned places of residence, abandoned villages and cities, are a pitiful sight if you consider that there was something that made people leave their native hearths and seek a better life somewhere else.Gerald\'s grandfather came from just such a place - a small town where no one lives today. Gerald\'s grandfather was the last resident to move out of the town, and he was often telling to his grandson about his memories. The grandfather also told him about the last days he spent in the town, but he also told him that when people left, they left many valuable objects behind. The grandfather believed that those objects were still here.The stories of the grandfather brought Gerald, but also his two friends, Lauren and Martha, to the abandoned small town. They are curious to find out if there is anything left and if those forgotten valuables are still there. Let\'s start exploring with our friends and see what can be found in the abandoned town. Perhaps the time has come to find out the mystery of why this place remained abandoned.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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