Master of Surprises

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Some people like to live predictive life, without any adventure or surprises, but other people can\'t live without that. They find that kind of life monotonous, and they can\'t even imagine living their lives that way. Well, Olivia is never bored in her marriage. Even though she is not the initiator of adventures, has someone beside her who is always alert. She calls he husband \"The master of surprises.\" The reason for that is very clear, he always makes surprises. And his surprises are always pleasant, not some scary pranks or something similar. This weekend, Olivia\'s husband has a new surprise for her. Out of nowhere, he tells her that they will spend the weekend in one romantic spa center that is located in the southern part of the country. Well, this will be a romantic weekend for the two of them, and Olivia is pleasantly surprised by his idea. The place is very nice, and, surely, they will have a lot of fun there.Now let\'s take a look at the romantic spa center and see what this place is offering.

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