Proven Guilty

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The three detectives Anna, Benjamin, and Samantha are working on their new case. In their career, they were witnesses of numerous criminal acts but all the time they work with great enthusiasm, hungry for justice. The last case of our three detectives is as complicated as the previous ones. They arrive at the house where was found the dead body of mister Gregory. What we know about Gregory is that he is an ex-drug addict. However, there are a few years already since he is clean and out of those circles. He did that because he wanted to go away from his previous life and start a life completely different from the life he had before. Maybe that is the reason why everyone was surprised because of his death. The detectives who work on this case are examining the crime scene and trying to relate Gregory\'s dead body to someone. They already have few suspected killers, so now it is time to find the real one, responsible for the murder.

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