Wicked Pumpkin

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Well, this situation is very strange, no matter that it is happening on Halloween. It seems like it is a dream, one of those when you are trapped in a situation, and you can\'t see the way through... Patricia went around the houses in her city for the holiday Halloween, when she got to one small house where she was met by an evil witch and a wicked, haunted pumpkin. Wow, this sounds completely unreal, but it is something that this girl faced on her way. The girl was trick or treating, and things were even stranger, those two weird creatures didn\'t let her do trick or treat! Who does that? Patricia felt like she was stuck in her worse nightmare, so she called for the help of Jack O\' Lantern. She thinks that maybe he can help her deal with this scary situation and this terrible pumpkin that seems to be even worse than the witch.If you don\'t feel scared by this creepy situation, let\'s help Patricia find her way out of it. We don\'t know what we will do, but together we are stronger, so let\'s help Patricia right away.

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