The Midnight Covenant

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Welcome to our magical adventure. It is about a game that will take us to a special place, a place full of things we don’t have a chance to see everyday.Now meet the girls that are main characters in our adventure. They are not just regular girls. Eva, Gina and Tiana are actually sisters sorceresses that live in the small village of Grimston. Sorceresses do some things we are not used to do, so let’s see what is it about. The three sisters must perform a magic ritual at midnight in order to ensure the village\'s good fortune and prosperity. However, in order to do that, they must find the items needed for the ritual, otherwise it won\'t work and the village will be doomed with bad luck for ten years. As you may realize, this is a very serious job for Eva, Gina and Tiana, so it would be nice if we could be there for them.Let\'s help them find those important items. Let’s search for them carefully and help the three sorceresses save the village from the bad luck. The whole village will be very thankful, so let’s start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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