Precious Collection

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Many people decide to collect different objects. There are people who collect postal stamps, albums with different pictures, dolls, collections of old-timers and so on – the list of diversities is so big. Some people decide to collect different artifacts or some historical findings and in those cases the value of the objects is very big. Some people believe that they keep those objects on a safe place while others decide to secure them in some insurance company...Donna is an owner of one very precious collection of rare coins. Today she took her collection to an exhibition in the national museum, but when she was coming back home, all of a sudden her bag torn so all the rare coins fall out of it. Now the coins are spread all around the town, but they are also in her apartment. That\'s why she called her friends Amanda and Kevin, to help her find all the lost rare coins. We should help them as well because it is about a very special collection that means a lot to Donna but also it is about a very valuable one.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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