Sunken Civilization

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Even though some people are truly scared of depth, others love diving and exploring, going even to the bottoms of the great sea or ocean area. Susan is a diver that loves exploring unknown parts of the ocean. And yes, she is one of those that doesn\'t like to know about limits. She is a real professional and she goes to places where no one has been before. Her curiosity and will to discover new things is her urge, something that moves her forward, to new exciting adventures. So, one day, when Susan was exploring the ocean, all of a sudden she found a sunken city. It seems that this city was the capital of some unknown and extinct civilization. Once she realized that, Susan became even more curious and willing to find out more about this civilization. She is looking for some objects that will locate this civilization in time. Also, she likes to find out something more about the life and culture of this civilization. Let\'s follow Susan in her diving and find out something new.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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