The Village Witch

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Yes, we have heard about different kinds of witches like forest witch, evil and bad witch, cosmic witch, sea witch, green witch, and so on. Here, we are talking about a village witch, a witch who definitely is not good because she has done some bad things here and there...The wizard Frank was one of those persons who tried to oppose her, and he was on the right way for doing that, just that the witch from the village somehow managed to take away his powers. Now no one could face and confront this evil witch.Debra is the daughter of the wizard, Frank. She arrives in the village, intending to take revenge for the seized power of her father. She has a task in front of herself - to find the magical objects that belong to her father. Those are the objects where is hidden the power of the wizard Frank, so by finding them, the father will bring back his powers.Let\'s see what is going on in this witch saga and see if we can help Debra in her mission. Have in mind that many people will feel safer if the wizard finally manages to fight the evil witch.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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