Perfect Poison

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Food poisoning is probably the worst thing that could happen to a restaurant. If something like that happens, the whole reputation of the place is destroyed, no matter how many years of quality work are invested before. The bad news spread fast and very soon everyone knows about it. After that, the new start is very difficult but not impossible.Meanwhile, something unexpected happened in a restaurant located in the elite part of the city. Actually so many people that have been there, suffered from a terrible food poisoning few days ago. It might be an accident, but it also might be something made intentionally, still it is not known for sure.In order to find out what happen, the two detectives Betty and Anthony arrive at the place and start exploring right away. They have to look for some evidences that will answer the question why this poisoning happened and who is responsible for it. Is it someone that works there or someone that has come just to make something bad and destroy the reputation of the restaurant?!

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