Strange Manor

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Joshua is an expert in paranormal things. We have to admit that this is something very rare and there are not many people like him in our neighborhood, nor the whole world, to be honest. His expertise has taken him to so many strange places. In his life, he has been seeing things we can even imagine that exist, but his skills made him deal with all of that. Now, Joshua has a new challenge in front of him. He comes to one of the scariest places in his city. He agreed with one of the heiresses of this estate, the young Emily, to help her deal with the spirits that live on it. She would like to sell the property, but first of all, she likes to make sure that it is over with the ghosts who live there. The ghosts need to be expelled and Joshua is here to deal with them. He hopes that he will make an agreement with them and make the leave the place tomorrow. Now let\'s see what will happen with Joshua and the ghosts. Will he make them leave without causing any additional problems?

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