Goddess of Spring

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Spring, a favorite season for many, is just around the corner. The smell of nature, flowers, flowering trees is something that fills us and makes us happy! Spring time is when everything is awakening. Nature, green, tree, even wild animals that were in hibernation. In the spring there are a lot of colors. Trees bud, grow snowdrops, primroses, the sky is clear and blue.When spring comes everything turns green, come the first heralds of spring: snowdrops, primroses, violets. Soon we\'ll be caught up in a frenzy of seed sowing, growing, and nurturing our garden as it comes back to life. The every garden of the country are full of different colors of flowers.Eraela is the Goddess of Spring. She lives in a beautiful garden of eternal spring. She is greeted by dancing flowers and fairies who stand by her throne and defend her when someone comes to take her away. Today she is back in her garden again to check if everything is ok with her garden and to remove all the unnecessary items that she finds there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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