Midnight Song

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Margaret and Matthew are brother and sister. The two of them have decided that it is time to make a small excursion, leaded by a certain strange story about the property of their grandfather. They, together with their friends, arrive at the property of their grandfather, willing to find out what is going on there.According to the sayings of the people that live in that surroundings, the property has been possessed by ghosts for years. Just imagine how scary that sounds and how disturbing it is for the people who live there! But there is something that sounds even more scary. Namely, every night at the grandfather\'s property, exactly at midnight, can be heard the song of the ghosts. It is about a song that makes creepy and scary atmosphere for the people that live around, making them confused and frightened of everything around them.Margaret and Matthew are here, willing to find out what is really happening here, are those stories true or not? Let\'s take part in this interesting adventure and help Margaret and Mathew solve the whole situation.

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