Wedding Panic

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Marie is a future bride. Like every other girl, she hardly waits the wedding day to come. Few years ago, Marie promised her grandmother, who is now late, that on the day of her wedding, she will wear her pearl necklace that belonged to her grandmother. The grandmother gave this necklace to Marie for inheritance and Marie appreciates it a lot, but few months ago, something has made things complicated, just like that.The granddaughter was seeing the necklace, admiring his beauty, when suddenly the necklace was torn. Marie didn’t have enough time in that moment, to fix the pearl necklace, so she places it on a place that seemed to be a safe place. Now, after few months and only two hours before the actual wedding, Marie is in huge panic because she can’t remember where did she put the necklace.The wedding is about to start and the bride is still running around her house, looking for those pearls. It will be very nice if we could help the bride find her grandmother’s gift and start the wedding as it was planned.

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