Mystic Island

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Carol is the owner of one of the restaurants located on the tropical island Linsby. This island is a great touristic attraction, visited by numerous tourists during the whole year. Carol loves her job very much, and she enjoys spending time in her place, but also, she loves the island. Those circumstances motivate her to do her job perfectly. However, unexpected things happen everywhere, on every spot of the Earth, even on those exotic places that seem to be a perfect getaway. Namely, one of the pairs, who came as guests in this resort, has mysteriously disappeared. We can guess that they went on a long walk, or they wanted some time alone, and that can be rather normal. But after a while, Carol realized that it was time to ask for some help, to find the missing couple. Carol has called detective Samuel and the policewoman Emma to solve the case. As professionals, they will be more capable of finding something that could help them all discover the truth about the missing of the two persons.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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